Top Chef Canada - episode 8 recap

Last night on Top Chef Canada season 2, episode 8:

The competition gets fierce in a four-round Quickfire Challenge where immunity is no longer on the table. Head Judge Mark McEwan puts the chefs’ skills to the test in a challenge of speed and accuracy where they must display their finest dicing, butchering and peeling techniques.

Xavier and Carl are the last competitors standing in the final round, where they must prepare a dish using all the ingredients they just prepped. Carl comes out on top with his grilled lamb with shallot puree, sautéed spinach, lamb jus and black truffles.

In the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must cater a buffet lunch to the hungry cast and crew of the hit Showcase TV series Lost Girl during lunch hour on set. Renowned chef Michael Blackie from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa joins as guest judge for the challenge.

Carl, Jonathan, David and Trevor surpass the standards of the hungry group, and it’s Jonathan who hits the mark with his pulled pork or tofu lettuce wrap with chorizo, pickled carrots and fennel. Jimmy, Trista, Ryan and Xavier fail to deliver with their dishes, and in the end it’s Jimmy who is sent home for his leafy green salad with cucumbers, tomato and shaved fennel and his green minestrone with porcini, lemon juice and truffle oil.

If you missed last night’s drama, check back at later today to watch the full episode.

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