Sanctuary still loved despite cancellation

The property group who bankrolled the recently cancelled Canadian series Sanctuary have said it was no longer possible to keep making the show as it was not “economically viable”.

Beedie Development Group, which is based in Burnaby, pulled the plug on the series with official word coming earlier this week from the Syfy channel.

CFO Jim Bogusz said while they enjoyed being a part of the project, the company had not recouped its investment.

“The show needs to be economically viable,” said Bogusz, who served as one of Sanctuary’s executive producers. “The Beedie Group is a business and we look at our investments on their ability to return, and the time frame was too long and too uncertain for our liking.”

The show’s creator Damian Kindler has remained optimistic and pointed out that Syfy didn’t cancel the show because they didn’t like it.

“I suppose the unfortunate truth is that Syfy didn’t pick us up because we weren’t making the show, as opposed to [they] didn’t want that show. They were interested in having some form of a fifth season, and the Canadian broadcaster Space were interested as well,” Kindler said.

“And I totally respect [the Beedie Group] decision. This is a show they own, this is a project they backed passionately for four years, and I think when they decided they wanted to move on, then you have to respect that.”

Group founder Keith Beedie said he got involved in the show as he was a big fan of the sci-fi genre.

Source: theglobeandmail

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