Pawnathon Canada season 2 premeires June 13 on History Television

How much is that rescued piece of artwork by Homer Watson worth? What about that 1979 Les Paul guitar? Find out exactly how much cash these items command in Pawnathon Canada season two (10 x 60) – a series in which Canadians showcase their prized heirlooms, antiques and memorabilia for a chance to cut a cash deal with the best dealers on TV – the Pawn Masters.

This season features bigger cash sales, tougher negotiations, even more full-blown bidding wars and a brand-new Pawn Master, auctioneer Alison Ross of Victoria, BC. Produced by Suddenly SeeMore…Productions Inc., Pawnathon Canada season two premieres Wed., June 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on History Television.

Each episode of Pawnathon Canada features Canadians and their prized possessions – from historical Canadian art pieces to celebrity memorabilia – looking to share the history of their personal treasures and potentially sell them for cash.

First, the items are examined by appraisers who determine which sellers will move on to meet the Pawn Masters – experts who dole out cash for coveted pieces.

The most exceptional items receive a Platinum Ticket, which gives the seller a private audience with all five Pawn Masters at once. The Pawn Masters then assess the item with their combined knowledge, and the best pieces produce a full blown bidding war.

The Pawn Masters include Howard Green, H. Williams & Co., Toronto, ON; Douglas Stocks, Maus Park Antiques, Paris, ON; John Kantymir, Niagara Coin and Collectibles, Niagara Falls, ON; Mark Bradac, The Economy Exchange Pawn Shop, Windsor, ON; and the newest member, Alison Ross, Kilshaws Auctions, Victoria, BC.

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