New PETA seal-clubbing ad banned from Canadian TV

A new anti-seal hunt ad for PETA has been deemed too graphic for Canadian television by the Television Bureau of Canada.

The organisation is stating that two scenes must be removed from the ad before it will be fit to air. The scenes are of a sealer clubbing a seal and the other is of a seal coughing up blood after being hit.

“The following scenes will need to be removed. The scene at 39 seconds with the dying seal will need to be removed [and] the scene at 45 seconds will need to be revised so that the second seal the man hits is removed,” wrote Jessica Bassermann of the Television Bureau.

However, PETA is refusing to remove the images from the ad, as they believe it shows the reality of a seal cull.

“We think the truth should be shown. We think that if the government is this proud and goes to such great lengths to defend this program, this program should be seen by the country and by the people who pay for it. We don’t want it whitewashed and we don’t want it generalized, we want to show exactly what they do,” said PETA’s senior VP Dan Mathews.


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