New Mantracker unveiled in special episode, May 21 on OLN

The wait is almost over as original series Mantracker – the ultimate game of cat and mouse – returns to OLN with an all-new, instinct-driven, man-hunting cowboy.

Leading up to the highly-anticipated season premiere of Mantracker on May 28, viewers get an inside look at the nationwide search for the series’ all-new leading man in the one-hour original special Searching for Mantracker, premiering Monday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CT, 7 p.m. MT, 6 p.m. PT )  

After six years and 59 chases, original Mantracker Terry Grant is packing it in, and now, Mantracker must find an all-new hunting, guiding and tracking specialist to lead the pursuit in Season 7.

But, not just anyone can claim this job – and only the toughest and most experienced will make the cut. Yellow bellies and cry-babies need not apply. It’s a dangerous job, but someone needs to do it.

The one-hour Searching for Mantracker special follows Mantracker production company, Bonterra Productions as they embark on a nationwide search to find the series’ next rugged star.

Casting a wide net by alerting local radio stations and newspapers of auditions, the search spans from Reno, Nevada, to Kelowna, B.C., to Red Deer, Alberta.

A long list of Mantracker hopefuls show up to auditions – but in order to separate the pretenders from the contenders – candidates are narrowed down to 12, with four finalists chosen to take part in a trial chase through the swamps of Florida.

The next Mantracker must not only fit the look, but be a skilled tracker, master of outdoor forensics, expert horseman, experienced hunter, and command admiration, respect and fear. The chase is on and only one hopeful will survive in Searching for Mantracker.

Stay tuned as the hunt for the new Mantracker reaches its dramatic climax with the reveal of its new leading man. Additional broadcast details and the 411 on the new Mantracker will be announced Monday, May 21 immediately following the special.

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  • Cathy M

    My husband was one of those on the initial interviews. We missed seeing the May 21st episode. Where can I find this episode? We were told that his interview was on there.