Internet TV on the rise in Canada

Internet video providers in Canada look set to enjoy a bright future is the stats are anything to go by.

The annual Cisco Visual Networking Index, which looks at the way people use the internet and forecasts how internet habits will change in the future, predicts that Canadians will continue to turn to online sources for movies and TV.

As of 2012, around three million Canadian households use the internet to watch TV and Cisco are predicting that number to rise to 21 million by 2016.

The increase is not simply down to users watching more TV over the internet at home but also the rise in mobile devices that allow users to watch on the go.

“Each of us increasingly connects to the network via multiple devices in our always-on connected lifestyles,” said Suraj Shetty, vice-president of product and solutions marketing at Cisco in a release. “Whether by video phone calls, movies on tablets, web-enabled TVs or desktop video conferencing, the sum of our actions not only creates demand for bandwidth, but also dramatically changes the network requirements needed to deliver on the expectations of this ‘new normal.’ ”

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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