Backlash over CBC's female-oriented hockey commentary

CBC is feeling the heat after deciding to stream alternate commentary for the Stanley Cup final that will target women.

The broadcaster has partnered with Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso of which provides female-oriented commentary for hockey games.

However, the news has not gone down well with both male and female hockey fans who believe the move is a huge step back.

“Holy crap. Thanks for setting female sports fans back decades, CBC,” Andrew Bucholtz, who runs Yahoo! Canada’s CFL blog, wrote on Twitter (@AndrewBucholtz).

Another user wrote: “Glad to know that in 2012, we’re still patronizing the female sports fan. Good show, @cbc and @whilemenwatch.”

Twitter user Steve Lepore posted: “Women are not to be pandered to . Women who love sports love it/know it just as well as the men who do. While the Men Watch is unacceptable.”

Source: Toronto Sun

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