Top Chef Canada - episode 7 recap

Last night on “Top Chef Canada” season 2, episode 7:

Confusion abounds when mystery ingredients are the star of the Quickfire Challenge and the chefs must showcase their creativity.

Chef Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef All Stars, joins Lisa in the GE Monogram Kitchen where the chefs are asked to create a gourmet dish using at least three canned goods. But this wouldn’t be a Top Chef-worthy challenge without a twist – the ingredients in each can remain a mystery until after they have been opened.

David, Jonathan and Carl can’t make the most of their mystery ingredients and end up at the bottom. Ryan, Curtis and Trevor have the three best dishes, and it’s Ryan who wins immunity for the Elimination Challenge with his grilled mackerel with romesco sauce.

In the Elimination Challenge, Chef Blais sticks around to issue a challenge where it’s okay to play with your food.

The chefs head to TOCA Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto where they must take a series of traditional mains and deconstruct them into a brand new dish.

David, Trevor and Xavier have the most success in capturing the essence of their original dishes, and it’s Xavier who wins the challenge with his Quiche Lorraine, made using shortbread and bacon cylinders with scrambled egg mousse and caramelized onions.

Curtis, Jimmy and Jonathan produce dishes that are destructions rather than deconstructions, and it’s Curtis who is sent home for his deconstructed tuna casserole, made with tuna cannelloni and hot tuna salad with milk crouton.

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