Top Chef Canada - episode 6 recap

Last night on “Top Chef Canada” season 2, episode 6:

It’s do or die in this High Stakes Quickfire Challenge that promises to send the chef with the worst dish home. The chefs are asked to prepare a soup and sandwich combination that really showcases their talents.

The chefs with the best bread and broth are Jonathan, Ryan and Carl and it’s Jonathan’s Chinese-style BBQ chicken consommé and Vietnamese sub that comes out on top. While Carl doesn’t win the challenge, he does win a $3,000 cash prize courtesy of Milestones Grill and Bar.

For an even sweeter prize, his tomato gazpacho and bacon, cucumber and tomato sandwich will be featured at Milestones as part of a special Top Chef Canada menu. Gabriell, Curtis and Trista fail to offer the perfect comfort food combination, and Gabriell is sent home for his butter-toasted bread with rosemary soup and prosciutto with truffle sandwich.

In the Elimination Challenge, Chef Susur Lee joins as guest judge for a classic Top Chef tradition – Restaurant Wars! The chefs are split into two teams that go head-to-head in a battle of the best restaurant.

As winner of the Quickfire Challenge, Jonathan is chosen as captain of one team and picks Elizabeth to lead the opposing team. Jonathan is joined by Carl, Curtis, Trevor and David at Team Fable, while Team True North is made up of captain Elizabeth, Ryan, Jimmy, Xavier and Trista. Tensions are high throughout the challenge, but it’s Team Fable that wins the battle with their rustic and refined menu.

Carl has the best meal of the night with his roasted beef striploin with brown butter hollandaise, baby vegetables and beef jus. Team True North fails to impress the judges with both their food and their service.

In the end, it’s team captain Elizabeth who is sent home, not for her braised octopus with lemon-herb yogurt and pickled baby carrots or her roasted pork loin and crispy pig ear salad with maple-roasted apples, but for her lack of leadership as team captain.

If you missed last night’s drama, check back at later today to watch the full episode.

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