April 2012

It’s a bug-eat-bug world where only one will survive the battle. MONSTER BUG WARS returns to the ringside, Wednesday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery World HD, to capture miniature gladiatorial contests that end in certain death.

With six brand-new episodes, and commentary from bug experts Dr Linda Rayor and Dr Bryan Grieg Fry, viewers witness epic encounters between swarms of marauding assassins, and vicious one-on-one clashes where only one bug survives.


Highlights from MONSTER BUG WARS include:


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Deadly Duals”

Wednesday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Witness a deadly duel between a Moss Mantis and a Jungle Tiger Beetle; a Horned Katydid attacks an Owl Butterfly Caterpillar; an Ogre-faced Spider battles an Army Ant; and Black-tailed Scorpion tackles a Red-Thighed Wandering Spider.


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Blood on the Forest Floor”

Wednesday, May 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

A Brazilian Wandering Spider viciously clashes with a Hooded Mantis; then Army Ants attack a Rainforest Land Crab; a Velvet Worm and a Harvestman battle it out; and a Black Jungle Stalker encounters a Black-Faced Katydid.


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Ultra Violence”

Wednesday, June 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

Violence erupts as a Giant Cockroach fights a Red-rump Tarantula; a Stripe-Tailed Centipede targets a Vinegaroon; an Orange Horned Katydid tackles a female Banana Spider; and a Golden Carpenter Ant tries to nail a Flag-tailed Assassin Bug.


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Mother of All Wars”

Wednesday, June 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

A baby Scorpion blithely takes on a battle-blooded Pirate Spider; a mother-to-be Rufus Comb-Footed Spider fights a Spitting Spider; then a Lichen Bark Mantis tackles a Rock Spider; and a Candy Cane Katydid and a Bug-Eyed Katydid clash.


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Murderous Intent”

Wednesday, June 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

A Leaf Cutter Ant Soldier takes on a Speckled House Spider and a Costa Rican Cellar Spider tackles a Geophilid Centipede. Plus a Tiger Jumping Spider fights a Yellow Rainforest Jumping Spider, and a Conehead Katydid meets an Orange-mouth Tarantula. Then, Dinosaur Ants battle a platoon of Trap Jaw Ants.


MONSTER BUG WARS – “Super Slayers”

Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

A Leaf-tailed Mantis tackles a Sunburst Raspy Cricket and a heavily armoured Spiny Spider is ambushed by a camouflaged Crab Spider. An underwater Mudeye duels with a Water Bug, then a Domino Beetle fights a deadly Crimson-legged Assassin Bug; meanwhile, a Mangrove Tree Crab takes on a Leopard Spider.

With summer cottage season just around the corner, viewers might think twice about diving into murky rivers and dark lakes – no matter how high the mercury soars!

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns for Season 4 of RIVER MONSTERS, premiering Monday, May 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, unraveling all-new freshwater fish tales of giant killers.

For three seasons, Wade’s voyages have taken him across the globe to waterways far and wide, all on an endless search for man-eating creatures that lurk below.

He’s caught dozens of these elusive beasts, typically in remote jungles and unexplored lands. But this season, his quest for the most frightening fish begins a little closer to home.

RIVER MONSTERS returns with seven new episodes following Wade on a worldwide search for harrowing tales of bloodthirsty fish. A fearless explorer, this season he tackles waterways in Africa, India, Russia, Mongolia and Australia – all in an effort to hook the finned culprits that are thought to attack humans and reveal how much truth lies in the legends.

But first, he starts right next door. In the suspense-filled season premiere episode RIVER MONSTERS: “American Killers,” Wade treks across the U.S. in search of deadly river monsters living in our neighbour’s waterways – from the popular Indian River Lagoon in Florida, where unsuspecting water enthusiasts are faced with what could become a modern day Jaws; to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, where underwater hunters have reached man-eating proportions. Other U.S. locations include Barbers Hill Canal and the Trinity River in Texas as well as the creeks and lakes of Oklahoma.

Through the rest of the season, Wade dives in and gets to the bottom of freshwater fish stories with dangerous excursions to remote and populated locales worldwide. In Zambia on the Zambezi River, crocs and hippos are known for being deadly predators, but Wade is on the prowl for a fish said to able to swallow a child. And when he hears of a recent bloody attack in Mongolia, Wade suspects the Taimen – a giant fish so rare it’s legendary. In the remote Indian Himalayas, he searches for the Sareng, a lethal animal the locals consider sacred.

Monday, April 30

RICK SPRINGFIELD: Grammy® Award-winning musician and ’80s icon drops by to discuss his new documentary An Affair of the Heart: The Journey of Rick Springfield and his devoted fans.

CHRISTINE CUSHING: Marilyn’s resident chef and host of FEARLESS IN THE KITCHEN shares her super supper salads! 


Tuesday, May 1

MAUREEN DENNIS: Marilyn’s parenting expert shares her insider tips on children’s summer camps.


Wednesday, May 2

HORMONE HEALTH: Actress, author, singer and businesswoman SUZANNE SOMERS joins MARILYN to discuss her new book Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging. Suzanne also participates in Marilyn’s roundtable with naturopathic doctor NATASHA TURNER and nutritionist MIRANDA MALISANI to answer audience questions about hormone health for men and women of all ages.  


Thursday, May 3

TOMMY SMYTHE: Interior designer and TV personality showcases the endless possibilities of decorating with the simplicity of black and white.

CAROLINE RHEA: Canadian standup comedian and actress joins MARILYN to talk about her career and involvement with Second City’s charity event in support of a rare and incurable lung disease.


Friday, May 4

MARILYN, MAKE ME OVER: Canada’s Queen of Daytime, MARILYN DENIS grants a makeover wish for two women who want to be styled for success! Helping them transform into sophisticated ladies include Marilyn’s fashion stylist ALEXIS HONCE and hairstylist DANIEL FIORIO and make-up artist ELISE TREMBLAY.

JILL DUNN: Marilyn’s beauty expert reveals the latest in lash products and extensions.

Monday, April 30

SEBASTIAN COE: CANADA AM kicks-off a full month of pre-Olympic programming in May with an exclusive chat with the Chair of LOCOG and Olympic Gold Medallist about the pressures he faces delivering the London 2012 Games.

SWEET DREAMS BASEBALL FANS: Victoria’s Secret Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk has all bases covered this morning with new baseball-themed leisure wear.

RICK SPRINGFIELD: He longed for “Jessie’s Girl”, and so much more. In his documentary, An Affair of the Heart Springfield tells the story of his 30+ year career and his connection with his fans. 


Tuesday, May 1

THE OSAMA BIN LADEN I KNOW: Security analyst Peter Bergen is an academic, journalist, and bestselling author (Holy War, Inc.). His latest book gives an unparalleled portrait of Osama bin Laden. Bergen interviewed more than 50 people who knew bin Laden personally from his brother-in law to his high school English teacher.

LADY COLIN CAMPBELL: She’s created a Royal stir with her new unauthorized biography The Queen Mother: The Untold Story Of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Who Became Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. This morning, Lady Campbell shares some little known details of the Queen Dowager’s life.

NATIONAL YOUTH ARTS WEEK: CANADA AM talks to The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean and her husband Daniel Lafond about the Michaëlle Jean Foundation’s efforts to support youth, the arts and culture, as well as life after Rideau Hall.

· HARRY POTTER MUSEUM: Travel Expert and self-proclaimed “muggle” Loren Christie goes inside the world of the Harry Potter at a brand new exhibit in London. England that will enchant wizard, muggle, and tourist alike.


Wednesday, May 2

TESSA VIRTUE & SCOTT MOIR: The Canadian Olympic Ice Dance Gold Medallists continue to skate their way to the top, recently winning Gold at the World Figure Skating Championships in Nice, France. This morning they chat about being on tour with Stars On Ice.

ADRIAN GRENIER: The executive producer of My Name is Faith, a documentary premiering at Hot Docs, tells the story of a 12-year old girl named Faith, who suffers from attachment disorder and shares her struggle to recover and trust her adoptive parents.

AJ JACOBS: This method writer’s first book A Year Of Living Biblically and his follow-up book Know-It-All strengthened his mind and spirit; so logically his next book had to be about the body! Jacobs talks about his quest to become the healthiest man on the planet and turn mush to muscle in his new book Drop Dead Healthy.

LONDON 2012 VENUES: CANADA AM’s Bev Thomson gives viewers a first look at the venues that make up Olympic Park in London, revealing some fascinating facts and figures about the various sites.


Thursday, May 3

MARK KIELBURGER: Philanthropist brothers Mark and Craig Kielburger founded Free The Children and Me to We and now they’ve co-authored a guide to transform consumers into world changers titled Living Me to We: The Guide for Socially Conscious Canadians.

ROB ROSSI: He’s the chef and owner of Toronto restaurant Bestellen and was a contestant on Top Chef Canada. This morning he shows CANADA AM viewers how to grill octopus.

STEPHAN MOCCIO: This Canadian JUNO winner has written songs for the likes of Celine Dion and Nikki Yanofsky, and has collaborated with superstars from Sarah Brightman to Josh Groban. This morning he shares his talent with CANADA AM performing a track from his new album Elements on the AM soundstage.

A GOLDEN GARDEN: Gardening Expert, Marc Cullen rounds up his favourite yellow coloured plants and shows viewers how to plant their own gold in the garden in preparation for London 2012.


Friday, May 4

POKER PRO: Daniel Negreanu is a top Canadian professional poker player who is currently preparing for the next World Championships and shows the CANADA AM team how to play like the pro’s.

MATT EMBRY AND LARRY DAY: These filmmakers are presenting their documentary on Theo Fleury at Hot Docs. They give CANADA AM a preview of Theo Fleury: Playing With Fire. 

10:30 p.m. Sunday, April 29 on E!

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Sunday, April 29 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

White House and Jackpot uncover a secret while questioning a man who thwarted a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Kenny’s authoritative father, a Deputy Inspector, comes to the 22nd Precinct, and Lazarus meets up with the Shannon bar thug.

10:00pm – Sunday, April 29 on CTV

When Amanda (Leslie Bibb) tries to put together an all-female barbeque team to prove a point to her daughter, she recruits the help of the GCBs for the cook-off of the year. Meanwhile, Heather (Marisol Nichols) meets an attractive butcher (Kevin Alejandro, TRUE BLOOD), Cricket (Miriam Shor) purchases stud services from Mason Massey (Grant Bowler, UGLY BETTY), Carlene (Kristin Chenoweth) becomes frustrated with Ripp (David James Elliott), and Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) tries to help Zack (Brad Beyer) with his dealership problems.

10 p.m. Sunday, April 29 on E!

Episodic information is currently unavailable. Please visit http://bellmediapr.ca/E!/

Sunday, April 29 – 9pm ET/PT *Season Finale* on Global

Will and Diane scramble when Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) team up to bankrupt the firm. Meanwhile, Alicia faces conflicted feelings regarding her relationship with Peter, and Kalinda’s past catches up to her.

9:00pm – Sunday, April 29 on CTV

With Mike (James Denton) gone, Susan (Teri Hatcher) attempts to build a car for MJ’s (Mason Vale Cotton) father-and-son school soapbox derby. Bree’s (Marcia Cross) attorney, Trip (guest star Scott Bakula, MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE), learns of her previous drunken sexual spree and needs her to come clean about it in order to help strengthen her case. Meanwhile, Gaby (Eva Longoria) is furious with Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) when he tries to poach one of her rich clients (guest star Doris Roberts, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND), and talks her into helping him with his newly-formed charity organization.