Top Chef Canada episode 3 recap

Last night on “Top Chef Canada” season 2, episode 3:

Guest judge and last season’s “Top Chef Canada” host Thea Andrews – who is expecting – issues the 14 remaining chefs a special Quickfire Challenge based on bizarre pregnancy cravings.

Chefs create a refined dish using two unusual food pairings. The bottom chefs – Xavier, Sarah and Elizabeth – fail to please Thea’s pregnant palate. The top four chefs – Sergio, Ryan, Jimmy and Trevor – turn their bizarre pairings into amazing flavours.

Jimmy, who was issued an oatmeal and wasabi paste combination, receives immunity for the Elimination Challenge for his wasabi-powdered chicken wings and oatmeal with apple, cinnamon and wasabi peas.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs pair up to create a baby shower hors d’oeuvre inspired by “boy” or “girl” for mommies-to-be Thea Andrews, who is having a boy, resident judge Shereen Arazm, who is having a girl, and 50 of their guests at George restaurant in Toronto.

The top four chefs in this challenge, Curtis, Trevor, Jonathan and Carl create bundles of bite-sized joy.  But it is Curtis Luk who is crowned winner for his gutsy attempt to make a perfect pink peppercorn macaroon – a move that really pays off with the judges.

The bottom four chefs, Joel, David, Xavier and Sarah miss the maternal mark with their unpalatable creations. In the end, Sarah Tsai is sent home for her sweet arancini with spicy prosciutto chocolate sauce.

If you missed last night’s episode, check back at later today to watch the full episode.

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