New series Big Rich Texas premieres on E!, April 19

Come “do-si-do” with E! on Thursday nights as all-new series BIG RICH TEXAS joins the spring lineup beginning April 19.

This entertaining new docu-series joins Bell Media’s big-buzz slate of Texan-style programming including CTV’s sexy new series GCB and the highly-anticipated reboot of DALLAS premiering this summer on Bravo!.

Premiering at 9 p.m. ET, BIG RICH TEXAS follows the lives of five wealthy mother-daughter duos as they climb to the top of the Dallas social scene.

Then at 10 p.m. ET, E!’s celebrity power couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic return in the Season 5 premiere of GIULIANA & BILL. The brand-new season follows the couple as they face their toughest challenge yet – Giuliana’s heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis.

In sickness and in health the couple continue to stand by one another as they face this tough journey, proving that their bond is stronger than ever (visit for local broadcast times).

In the series premiere of BIG RICH TEXAS entitled “Welcome to the Club,” (Thursday, April 19 at 9 p.m. ET), the lives of five mothers and daughters are explored as they claw their way to the top social tiers of one of Dallas’ most prestigious country clubs. As they face pressures and scrutiny from the upscale Dallas social scene, their fight for status in a frivolous society is bar none to the relationship these mother-daughter duos share. From divorcees and self-made millionaires, to southern belles and former rock groupies, this new series brings together a diverse group of beauties.

Next up in the Season 5 premiere of GIULIANA & BILL entitled “The Battle Begins,” (Thursday, April 19 at 10 p.m. ET), the couple face their toughest challenge yet dealing with the upsetting news of Giuliana’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Despite the devastating news, the new season celebrates the couple’s recent obstacles. From the opening of their restaurant RPM Italian in Chicago and searching for a new home in the windy city to dealing with Giuliana’s recovery, the future is always a top priority for Giuliana and Bill as they continue to dream of starting a family.

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