Critically-acclaimed comedy series Louie debuts on FX Canada this February

From the inventive imagination of American comedian Louis C.K., the Emmy®-nominated comedy series Louie is heading to FX Canada.

Louie puts a spotlight on C.K.’s everyday ordeals, his quest to find love and his pursuit of humour in life’s ordinary occurrences. Season 2 premieres Thursday, Feb. 9 at 10pm ET (7pm PT).  Louie will air each week at 10pm ET (7pm PT) on Thursdays.  

Louie is a comedy filtered through the observational humor of Louis C.K.  Shot in New York City, each of the 14, half-hour single-camera-shot episodes features a scripted story with a mix of C.K.’s stand-up comedy and all-original material created for the series. Each episode puts a spotlight on Louis’ hectic life as a successful stand-up comedian and newly single father raising his two daughters.

In the season two opener, “Pregnant,” Louie’s sister (Rusty Schwimmer, The Informant!) shows up unexpectedly, and with unexpected news. In stand-up segments, C.K. muses on divorce, raising two young girls, and the challenges of making a new adult friend.  Season 1 of Louie aired last season on Citytv.

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