The Bachelor

Monday, January 16 at 8pm ET (9MT) on OMNI.2 (s/ABC) and OMNI Alberta (s/ABC); 6PT (10CT) on Citytv on Citytv

This week, the remaining 16 bachelorettes head to San Francisco for an unforgettable vacation. Upon arrival, the ladies learn not everyone will get a date this week, and those who are chosen for one-on-one dates will either be given a rose or sent home. Ben’s first one-on-one date takes him and one of the women on an adventurous excursion, scaling the Bay Bridge. Then, he surprises 11 of the women with a ski trip in the middle of the city as he has a local hill transformed into a snowy slope. Later, Ben gives one bachelorette a personal tour of the city and makes a stop at City Hall, where they’re serenaded by platinum recording artist Matt Nathanson. Later at the cocktail party, a woman from Ben’s past arrives and asks to stay and vie for Ben’s love.

The surprise guest throws the women into chaos, as one faints and another dissolves into tears at the rose ceremony, leaving only 13 ladies in the bid for Ben’s heart.

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