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MuchMusic and MTV marked a milestone in 2011 reaching record highs of 404 million combined video views on their websites, up from 223 million in 2010.

Continuing to grow as leaders in the digital world with youth in 2011, saw average monthly video views double over 2010, with posting an increase of 64% in video views over 2010, with 286.4 million.*

Topping the online charts was JERSEY SHORE with 94.2 million video views on for all the seasons combined, taking #1 spot on Bell Media’s 2011 online Omniture charts. **

“MuchMusic and MTV continue to deliver online and in social media engagement with youth audiences across Canada,” said Neil Staite, Vice-President and General Manager, Music and Entertainment, Bell Media. “Our viewers look to us to be part of their social circle and be accessible 24-7 across all platforms. Catering to, curating for, and caring about our viewers is what we do best, and our 2011 results are testimony to our continued success.”

According to Klout, a popular social web company which measures social influence, Much is among the top-ranked brands for social media influence and the most liked domestic brand on Facebook. In 2011, the MuchMusic’s official Facebook page saw an increase in ‘likes’ of 233%, up to 886,604 from 226,113 in 2010, while MTV Canada experienced an increase of 137% page ‘likes’ up to 72,934 up from 30,726 likes in 2010.

In the Twitterverse, @MuchMusic increased followers by 90% with a total of 236,067 up from 123,682 in 2010 and @MTVCanada experienced an increase of 50%, up to 69,349 followers, up from 44,530.1

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