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Beginning Monday, Nov. 14, Anderson takes a look at innovative money saving secrets, and chats with THE VIEW co-host Joy Behar.

Also this week, Anderson sits down with MIKE & MOLLY star Melissa McCarthy, discusses transgender, explores the controversial new TLC series, ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM and sits down with superstar Hugh Jackman.

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Monday, Nov. 14

Stop Spending and Start Saving! Plus, Joy Behar

Stop spending and start saving! Anderson has packed the hour with innovative money saving secrets from experts, including how to get things every day for free. Plus, THE VIEW co-host Joy Behar stops by with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson!


Tuesday, Nov. 15

Melissa McCarthy and Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? The Turkey Lady’s Story

Anderson sits down with MIKE AND MOLLY star Melissa McCarthy to discuss everything from her eccentric relationship with her husband, motherhood, her rise to fame and how she maintains a positive body image in the body conscious world of Hollywood. Anderson also speaks to Victoria Ruvolo, who was left in a coma for a month after a group of teenagers threw a frozen turkey at her.


Wednesday, Nov. 16

Children and Teens Caught in the Wrong Bodies

Anderson spends the hour talking to children, who believe they are trapped in the wrong bodies and their parents’ journey to acceptance.


Thursday, Nov. 17

ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIMS Debate: How Do You Feel About Muslims Living In The U.S.?

Anderson explores the controversial new TLC series, ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM, which hasn’t aired yet but already has people calling for a boycott of it. Anderson speaks with several cast members, as well as opponents of the show, and has an open discussion about American Muslims living in the U.S. post 9/11. 


Friday, Nov. 18

Sperm Donor Reunion & Hugh Jackman

Anderson explores the reality of sperm banks, which often don’t limit the amount of donations one sperm donor can make, resulting in children of sperm donors having multiple half-siblings. Superstar Hugh Jackman also stops by and fulfills a lifelong dream by taking over Anderson’s talk show duties for a segment, hosting “The Hugh Jackman Show.”

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