Titanic tragedy, gold fever and aviation innovation come to Discovery Channel in November

In an extraordinary original Canadian special this November, Discovery Channel revisits the infamous sinking of Titanic from an all-new perspective.

Experience the tragic last moments of the “unsinkable” ship’s ill-fated voyage from the POV of its’ cold and indiscriminate killer – Water – in CURIOSITY: “INSIDE THE TITANIC” (Nov. 20).  

Also this month, Todd Hoffman’s crew returns to Porcupine Creek for a second – and hopefully more successful – mining season in the hit series GOLD RUSH 2 (Nov. 8th).

And finally, DAILY PLANET takes to the skies for its annual “Flying Things Week” (Nov. 21-25) to explore airborne advancements that will change the way we fly.


Discovery Channel’s Programming Highlights for November include:


New Special:



Sunday, November 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT  

What was it really like to be on the only voyage of the most famous ship of all time? Not what you’d think from the movies – sudden cataclysm followed by class discrimination and stiff upper lip. The real tale is, in fact, much more sinister:  a slow death, counter-intuitive and apparently impossible events, and a killer who stalks the ship’s corridors dealing death in a dozen different ways. For the first time, see Titanic’s story from the extraordinary POV of the icy killer – Water. This original Canadian two-hour special reveals the water’s path of destruction as it passed through the ship, and how in just under two hours, laid her and its victims to rest on the ocean floor.


Returning Series:



Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, beginning November 8

As the price of gold increases worldwide, so does interest in mining the rare mineral in Alaska where there are veins worth an estimated $250 billion. Follow six down-on-their luck men from Oregon as they risking everything in an attempt to strike it rich in the wilderness of Alaska. Todd Hoffman leads this group of inexperienced miners – with only one rookie season under their belts – back to the mine they’ve leased at Porcupine Creek to finish what they started. Returning with 16 new episodes, the second season of this breakout hit series follows the men as they face new challenges and hardship, away from their families, with the backdrop of Alaska’s breathtaking vistas around them.


Theme Week:


DAILY PLANET: “Flying Things Week”

Monday, November 21 to Friday, November 25 at 7 p.m. ET /8 p.m. PT               

From aircraft with wings, to ones that hover – and maybe even a rocket or two – DAILY PLANET takes flight with innovations and inventors from around the world looking to change the way we fly.

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