The X Factor's final 17 acts battle live for first time, Oct. 25

The “Judges’ Homes” round of THE X FACTOR came to an exciting and dramatic conclusion last night when the judges revealed the 17 acts that will continue in the competition.

In a surprise announcement, Simon Cowell revealed that he had made a mistake in the eliminations and brought back Melanie Amaro, who now will compete as one of the remaining 17 acts.

In a special extended live two-and-a-half hour episode on Tuesday, October 25 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, THE X FACTOR ramps up to an explosive new level as the remaining acts take the stage for their last shot at becoming one of the Top Finalists. The acts are currently training with top choreographers and vocal producers in the music industry and working with leading style teams, in preparation for their most crucial performance yet.

Then, beginning Wednesday, November 2 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, THE X FACTOR enters a new phase of the competition, in which the Top Finalists from all categories compete against each other for the first time. The finalists will perform not only for the praise of Simon, Paula, L.A. and Nicole, but for America’s votes as well, when the voting lines open immediately after the show. The one-hour results episodes air following the performance shows beginning Thursday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV Two.




The Girls whom Simon Cowell is mentoring:



Age: 19

Hometown: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Currently Resides: Coral Springs, FL/Sunrise, FL

Keep up with Melanie at: (@ItsMelanieAmaro)



Age: 22

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Keep up with Simone at: (@simonebattle)




Age: 13

Hometown: Longmont, CO/Mead, CO

Currently Resides: Burbank, CA

Keep up with Rachel at: (@IamRachelCrow)



Age: 14

Hometown: Chino Valley, AZ

Currently Resides: Chino Valley, AZ

Keep up with Drew at:



Age: 20

Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Currently Resides: Bremerton, WA

Keep up with Tiah at:


The Boys whom L.A. Reid is mentoring:



Age: 15

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY

Keep up with Astro at: (@Astronomicalkid)


MARCUS CANTY                        

Age: 20

Hometown: Bowie, MD

Currently Resides: Bowie, MD

Keep up with Marcus at:


PHILLIP LOMAX                                    

Age: 22

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Currently Resides: Seattle, WA

Keep up with Phillip at:


CHRIS RENE                             

Age: 28

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Currently Resides: Santa Cruz, CA

Keep up with Chris at: (@mrchrisrene)


The Over 30s whom Nicole Scherzinger is mentoring: 



Age: 60

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Currently Resides: Edmonds, WA/Seattle, WA

Keep up with LeRoy at: (@LeRoyBell)


STACY FRANCIS                                    

Age: 42

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Keep up with Stacy at: (@StacyFrancis)


DEXTER HAYGOOD                    

Age: 49

Hometown:  Memphis, TN

Currently Resides: Chicago, IL

Keep up with Dexter at: (@dexterhaygood)


JOSH KRAJCIK                          

Age: 30

Hometown: Wooster, OH

Currently Resides: Columbus, OH

Keep up with Josh at: (@theJoshKrajcik)


The Groups that Paula Abdul is mentoring:  



Justin Brewer, Age: 17, Hometown: Temecula, CA

Nathan Brewer, Age: 14, Hometown: Temecula, CA

Keep up with the Brewer Boys at: (@theBrewerBoys)



Nick Dean, Hometown: Rochester, NY, Age: 15

Francesca Duncan, Hometown: Orange Co., NY, Resides: Brockport, NY, Age: 17 

John Lindahl, Hometown: Travuco Canyon, CA, Age: 14

Emily Michalak, Hometown: Pine Brook, NJ, Age: 13

Austin Percario, Hometown: Warren, NJ , Age: 15

Arin Ray, Hometown: Cincinnati, OH, Age: 16

Lauren Ashley Redmond, Hometown: Houston, TX, Resides: DeSoto, TX, Age: 17 

Ellona Santiago, Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA, Age: 15 

Ma’at Bingham Shango, Hometown: Houston, TX, Age: 12

Emily Wilson, Hometown: Warren, NJ, Age: 15

Keep up with InTENsity at: (@its_inTENsity)



Cari Fletcher, Age: 17, Hometown: Wall Township, NJ 

Dani Knights, Age: 22, Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Paige Ogle, Age: 18, Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Hayley Orrantia, Age: 17, Hometown: Highland Village, TX

Keep up with Lakoda Rayne at: (@lakoda_rayne)



Kregg Gibson (aka KG), Age: 25, Hometown: Houston, TX

Jonathan Glenn (aka Jon Glenn), Age: 25, Hometown: Houston, TX

George Jenkins III (aka Trae Badd), Age: 25, Hometown: Houston, TX

Leeland Stephenson (aka Trace Kennedy), Age: 24, Hometown: Houston, TX

Justin Williams,(aka Just’n), Age: 25, Hometown: Houston, TX

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