Daily Planet's “Road Warriors Week” gears up, October 24-28 on Discovery Channel

Move over, Ryan Gosling…because DAILY PLANET’s “Road Warriors Week” is set to take the wheel for a week-long look at the fastest, coolest and most innovative cars on Earth.

Premiering Monday, October 24 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT, and running through Friday, October 28, the world’s first and only nightly science and tech series supersizes its popular Monday segment with five days of the most impressive vehicles ever created!

From the world’s fastest taxi to North America’s first rolling-wind tunnel – and everything, and we mean everything in between – this is DAILY PLANET as you’ve never seen before.


Segment highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Road Warriors Week” include:


Canada’s Worst Driver Returns

DAILY PLANET regular Alan Nursall takes a licking when he checks in with the #1 series of specialty television, Discovery’s own CANADA’S WORST DRIVER. Nursall goes behind the scenes with the head mechanic and gets pushed to the extreme as he tries to fix some of the cars used in production. Then, Nursall lays out some of the pylons used in the “parallel parking challenge” and even helps paint parking spaces used in the “mall parking challenge.” And finally, Nursall meets up with CANADA’S WORST DRIVER’s host, Andrew Younghusband, to tackle the “trough challenge.” In it, Nursall has to drive through a narrow trough full of twists and turns. Naturally, Nursall is no Gosling… and falls off the course. Programming note: CANADA’S WORST DRIVER makes its highly-anticipated Season 7 on October 24 at 10 p.m. ET/ PT.



Public transit is about to get a facelift. Think bus-meets-private limo-meets- high-speed train. Superbus was built in the Netherlands by an engineer who used to work with F1. She’s Italian, so of course she’s got an impeccable sense of style which is why Superbus looks like a stretch sports car. And at 250 km/h, it will get you there fast. With its state-of-the-art styling and features, Superbus is public transit at its most luxurious. DAILY PLANET meets up with the engineer and gets a personal tour around (and in) this sexy beast.


Queen of the Nürburgring

Sabine Schmitz drives the world’s fastest taxi. For $650 she will take you on a ride around Germany’s legendary Nürburgring track in her Porsche GT2 RS. Her job is scaring people, and she loves it. DAILY PLANET mini-cams follow Schmitz as she gives nervous passengers the ride of their lives at speeds approaching 300 km/h.


Windshear Wind Tunnel

Every second means millions in the business of car racing. DAILY PLANET, in an exclusive sneak peek, meets up with one of NASCAR’s largest premier racing teams – Roush Fenway – as they test the aerodynamics at “Windshear,” the world’s biggest rolling road wind tunnel in Concord, North Carolina. Opened in September 2008, this 290 km/h rolling-road wind tunnel is the first of its kind in North America, and only the third rolling road wind tunnel of its scale in existence.


An international success story, DAILY PLANET is produced in-house by Exploration Production Inc. (EPI) in association with Discovery Channel Canada. The series’ Executive Producer is Kelly McKeown; Senior Producer is Steven Hunt; Managing Producer is Julie Borthwick; and Director is John Morrison.

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