Global News to reveal results of third-annual Canada's Pulse Poll

The results of the third-annual Global News Ipsos-Ried Canada’s Pulse poll are in and present a fascinating look into opinions and beliefs held by Canadians from coast-to-coast.

Beginning Monday, September 26 and running to Friday, September 30, both Global National and Global local affiliate newscasts from across the country will present the facts and figures regarding Canadian regional attitudes on several different topics, including issues related to our economy, social media use, and neighbourhood safety. 

“Our annual Canada’s Pulse poll provides Global News outlets with a timely insight into trends and issues most affecting Canadians,” says Troy Reeb, Vice-President, Global News. “This poll demonstrates Global News’s commitment to providing Canadians with a unique understanding of their community and as well as where the country as a whole stands on national issues.”

Led by Gemini Award-winning anchor Dawna Friesen, Global National’s team of correspondents will report on the following topics: 


Monday, September 26 – Regional Differences 

–       The Canada’s Pulse poll shows that the issues most affecting people differ greatly depending on where you live. Reporter Mike Armstrong looks at these regional differences, and how answers differ between Canadian cities. 


Tuesday, September 27 – The Economy

–       On average, 66% of Canadians are worried they won’t have enough money to get them through retirement, while more than half of the country says their city is too expensive to live in. Robin Gill looks at this and other economic issues. 


Wednesday, September 28 – Online/Social-Media Usage

–       Correspondent Francis Silvaggio explores how attitudes towards social media are changing across the country, and looks at how Canadians are using the internet to stay connected. 


Thursday, September 29 – Crime

–       Crystal Goomansingh reports on the different Canadian crime-related statistics in the Canada’s Pulse poll, including 22% of Reginans who admitted to having driven under the influence this past year.


Friday, September 30 – Lifestyle

–       Mike Armstrong wraps up Canada’s Pulse coverage by looking at the lighter side of the poll, including the best cities to play in, those cities with the best work/life balance, and the city with the best sex life.


Following Global National, local newscasts from across the country will report on the Canada’s Pulse questions of most importance to their respective communities. These include attitudes related to municipal politics, access to healthcare, transportation and infrastructure issues, taxes, and more. In addition, will offer a wealth of additional background information expanding on the topics and issues explored in the Canada’s Pulse poll. will also focus on several exclusive online-related polling questions, including digital literacy, attitudes towards banking and making online purchases, and the fact that more people would give up alcohol, coffee and sex than internet. 

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