Game Changers premieres Oct. 11 on Discovery Channel

The inventor spirit is alive and well. Amateur tinkerers – from students to “bored with their day job” professionals – are revolutionizing the world.

Meet the GAME CHANGERS, premiering Tuesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel. This eight-part original Canadian series reveals the next generation of undiscovered Wright Brothers, who toiled away in obscurity for years and are now within reach of making it big.

Hosted by Andrew Anthony (QBIT, LIFES’S A TRIP), GAME CHANGERS focuses on inventors who have come up with real and profound ideas and prototypes.

These are independent thinkers whose inventions have found third-party funding, venture capital interest or have been bought outright by leading technological companies. They’re charting a new course in everything from military and aerospace technology, to innovations that will transform our everyday lives.

Asking the questions the viewer wants to know, Anthony meets these inventors to explore their passion for scientific innovation, to discover what drives them, how they moved their ideas beyond the “backyard prototype” stage, and how they ultimately connected to the industries that would bring their idea to life.

In the Oct. 11 series opener, GAME CHANGERS: “SmartSight,” Matthew Hagerty is trying to save lives. While working as a weapons tester for a defence contractor, Hagerty saw a need for an advance sight system. Over the last 10 years, he has been perfecting his invention called SmartSight. With both military and government support, his invention is a gun-cam system that – with the use of a thumbnail-sized eyepiece – allows soldiers to see around corners, or from inside fox holes, and shoot targets without putting themselves in harms’ way. It offers its user an invaluable “third eye.” This system is lightweight and perfect for use in urban combat zones, close-quarter extractions, and moving troops safely across the battlefield.

Also this season on GAME CHANGERS, meet a California-based cameraman who – after being horrified by wildlife attacks close to his home – invented a wearable self-defence glove that’s drawn the attention of various law enforcement agencies and the military; discover what inspired best friends in New Zealand to invent a robotic exoskeleton –  “bionic legs” – to help those in wheelchairs walk again; see why NASA is so excited about a dexterous space glove invented by a former director of a local community centre in Maine; and check out a young Canadian inventor’s real life “transformer” – an emissions-free vehicle that can travel in pedestrian spaces in a unicycle mode, but can also hit the open road when transformed into a motorcycle.

GAME CHANGERS is produced for Discovery Channel (Canada) by Tricon Films & Television.

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