Free Agents: Pilot

10:30pm – Wednesday, September 14 on CTV

FREE AGENTS is a crooked workplace/romantic new comedy that explores the trials and tribulations of two public relations executives on relationship rebounds. Alex (Hank Azaria, Love and Other Drugs) is newly divorced and his co-worker Helen (Kathryn Hahn, MAD LOVE) is obsessed with her deceased fiance. After a drunken night, Alex and Helen end up in bed together, but Helen decides that they should only be friends and nothing more. Meanwhile Alex’s co-workers, Dan (Mo Mandel, LOVE BITES), Gregg (Al Madrigal, GARY UNMARRIED) and Stephen (Anthony Head, FREE AGENTS (UK)) try to get Alex back out on the dating scene which makes Helen rather jealous, bringing them back where they started – in a casual, intimate and beautifully awkward relationship.

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