Risky Business premieres Sept. 12 on Slice with W. Brett Wilson

One daring couple. Two risky investment opportunities. One of Canada’s most successful investors, W. Brett Wilson to help with a decision that could change their lives.

This fall Canadians are risking it big in a brand new high-stakes investment series, Risky Business. The Canadian production premieres Monday, September 12 at 9pm ET on SliceTM. 

Hosted by highly-regarded businessman and iconic Canadian entrepreneur, W. Brett Wilson, each episode of Risky Business follows a couple of novice investors – ranging from a father/son to husband/wife to best friends – as they entrust their savings to one entrepreneur on the promise of turning a potentially hefty profit in only 30 days.

Building on his reputation as the lead deal-maker on Dragons’ Den, Brett will try his best to turn these ordinary people into extraordinary investors.

Armed with Brett’s expert advice on the risk and rewards of both ventures, each week one bold couple will decide between two unique investment opportunities. Brett puts his money where his mouth is and stakes the same amount in the other venture.

Whether it’s investing in art or fine wines, buying and selling gold, horse racing, or investing in a one-night-only club event, these Canadian entrepreneurs have an infectious enthusiasm for the innovative way they make money and a track record to back them up.  

After 30 days, the couple learns just what has become of their savings and are faced with what might have been had they chosen the other venture. How did they do in Brett’s world? And did they make the right choice?

“Risky Business is an unpredictable journey as ordinary people venture into the fascinating world of high-stakes investing,” says Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “With one of Canada’s top investor’s, Brett Wilson, staking his own money in the alternate option, it’s an intense 30-day race to turn a profit.”

“I love Risky Business as a format because it’s the most real of any reality show that I’m aware of,” says W. Brett Wilson, host of Risky Business. “In every episode real people with real money are investing in real people with real ventures – with real follow up and real results – for real drama. I am proud to be involved with a show that changes lives through stepping up to risk.”

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The first two broadcast episodes of Risky Business are:


Episodes 1: Denise & Joe

Monday, September 12 at 9pm ET

Lucky in love the second time around, they have raised and educated eight children between them – sometimes working two jobs each to make ends meet.  Along the way, saving for their own future seems to have fallen between the cracks – and now with the reality of retirement looming in the next 10 years, these two realize they have a lot of catching up to do!  They have pulled together $5,000 (money that should have gone to repair Denise’s car) and are hoping for a big return to kick-start their retirement nest egg. They could play it safe and leave their hard earned savings in the bank, or they could roll the dice and hand it over to one of two, unique dealmakers who will have just 30 days to make it grow.  Do they entrust the poker shark on a $500-a-ticket gala tournament where they would split the winnings? Or one of North America’s top vintage purveyors, buying and selling stunning gowns for big bucks? 


Episode 2: Mik & James

Monday, September 19 at 9pm ET

These two best buddies have travelled the world but with marriages, mortgages, babies and the responsibilities of grown up life quickly hemming them in, they want one more guy’s trip together – this time to Antarctica. They need big money to be able to pull off this caper.  Mik is investing $10,000 saved to pay for the expenses of his first-born baby due this month, and James is using $10,000 that is earmarked for an anniversary trip to France with his wife.  They could play it safe and leave their hard earned savings in the bank, or they could roll the dice and hand it over to one of two, unique deal makers who will have just 30 days to make it grow. Will they choose the young, charming horse trainer claiming he can race and sell a standard bred horse in just 30 days? Or will they stake their savings on the rare wine expert and his plans to buys and sell vintage wines in the worldwide market for a profit?

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