5.5 million Canadians experience Shark Week on Discovery Channel

Back for a 16th summer, Discovery Channel’s most-anticipated theme week had its most successful season ever with the highest-rated Shark Week in Discovery Channel history.

Across all airings, Shark Week reached a total of 5.5 million (P2+); 2.6 million (A25-54); and 2.5 million (A18-49), making Shark Week 2011 a blockbuster success.

Primetime audiences were up 45% in P2+ and A18-49, and up a whopping 64% in A25-54 versus last year.

With Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) as a guide, Shark Week 2011’s massive success proves that Canada is still fearlessly fascinated by the oceans’ most terrifying creature!

“Shark Week has always been ‘appointment viewing’ for so many Discovery viewers,” said Ken MacDonald, Vice-President of Programming, Discovery Channel. “But this summer we were gratified that it performed better than ever across each day and each time slot. While we added additional premieres and promoted heavily across our schedule, the bottom line is no one tells these compelling stories like Discovery can. Once again it speaks to the quality of the brand.”

Most impressively, Shark Week had its biggest single-day success in 16 years when more than two million swimmers stayed out of the water last Sunday night (July 30) for the perennial summer theme week’s launch – featuring the back-to-back specials, GREAT WHITE INVASION and JAWS COMES HOME. The latter brought in the highest Shark Week audience ever for three key demos: P2+ (467,000), A25-54 (258,000), and A18-49 (245,000). These reflect dramatic double-digit increases over previous Shark Week audience highs: 20% for P2+ (vs. SHARK BITE BEACH in 2010); 36% for A25-54 (vs. JAWS in 2005); and 28% for A18-49 (vs. DIRTY JOBS in 2006).

Shark Week also took a bite out of social media, generating over 1,000 likes and 75,000 post views on Discovery Canada’s Facebook page and Shark Week page over the week. Additionally, @DiscoveryCanada gained 400 followers and GREAT WHITE INVASION and Discovery Channel trended on Twitter during the evening. Fans can connect with Shark Week year-round at facebook.com/sharkweekcanada and on Twitter via @DiscoveryCanada and #sharkweek.

Source: BBM Canada

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