2011 CTV Citizens Of The Year are Mr. Issa Kamara and Mr. Amson Saintime

In its inaugural year, the judging committee for the 2011 CTV Citizen Of The Year Award has chosen two recipients:

Mr. Issa Kamara: Founder/Executive Director of the Sinkunia Community Development Organization (SCDO). 

Mr. Amson Saintime: Co-Founder/Executive Director of the ArbreDeVie Fine-Arts World Fellowship. 

The CTV Citizen Of The Year Award was created by CTV Edmonton in partnership with the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association to recognize those who have contributed to the promotion, awareness, understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Mr. Issa Kamara’s Sinkunia Community Development Organization is a non-profit organization committed to working collaboratively on a strategic, community-based approach to address the widespread issues of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy in Sierra Leone, and to promote successful integration of African immigrant families in Edmonton.

Mr. Amson Saintime’s ArbreDeVie Fine-Arts World Fellowship has a mission to support individuals, children and families to live happy, healthy and safe lives by providing services that foster dignity, positiveness, self-determination and well being. In addition ArbreDeVie Fine-Arts World Fellowship works toward a youth involvement in society and community change, by facilitating youth participation and intergenerational partnership in global decision-making, by supporting collaboration among diverse youth organizations; and by providing tools, resources, and recognition for positive youth action.

“CTV congratulates Mr. Issa Kamara and Mr. Amson Saintime on being selected as CTV Citizens Of The Year,” said Lloyd Lewis, CTV Edmonton Vice-President and General Manager. “Both these individuals have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the inclusiveness of our community.”

“That two individuals were chosen for this inaugural award speaks to the widespread efforts at supporting cultural diversity in our city,” said Jack Little, Executive Director of the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association. “With so many deserving candidates for the CTV Citizen Of The Year Award, it must have been simply too difficult for the judging committee to choose just one.” 

The 2011 CTV Citizens Of The Year were publically announced and recognized at the Swearing in of New Canadians held at the Heritage Amphitheatre Monday, August 1st during the Servus Heritage Festival.

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