July 2011

11 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, July 29 on Space

Hosts Teddy Wilson and Ajay Fry check out the hottest games, films and exhibits at the 2011 annual Comic Con in San Diego.

10 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, July 29 on Comedy Network

Vancouver’s Charlie Demers describes the perfect tattoo, and talks about his interracial marriage, his gay brother, and bootleg DVDs.

9 p.m. Friday, July 29 on E!

Encore of Wednesday, July 27 episode on CTV.

8:30 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, July 29 on Comedy Network

Everyone wants a piece of the Mayor. Dan feels obligated to take on a speaking engagement for Fern but doesn’t clear it first with his Chief of Staff, landing him on stage at a pot rally. Claire’s parents are divorcing and Mike is devastated. When he tries to intervene, he ends up in a completely inappropriate and unintended dating situation.

8:00pm – Friday, July 29 on CTV

When Sue Fuller (Cynthia Preston, HAVEN) and her daughter Jess (Jordy Benattar, Charlie & Me) are abducted at gunpoint, Team One quickly discovers that Jess’s estranged grandmother Elaine (Linda Thorson, EMMERDALE FARM) may be involved. However, her fear and the crippling effect of Alzheimer’s prevent her from cooperating with the SRU. While Parker (Enrico Colantoni) and Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) work to bring Elaine on their side, the rest of Team One scrambles to locate Sue and Jess, who are in the clutches of kidnappers all too willing to sacrifice their hostages’ lives to save their own.

12 a.m. ET/PT – Friday, July 29 on Comedy Network

Kumail Najiani, Jen Kirkman, Kyle Kinane and Al Madriga take to the stage in this week in the season finale.

10:30 p.m. ET/PT – Thursday, July 28 on Comedy Network

Episodic information is currently not available. Please visit www.bellmediapr.ca/comedy for updates.

Thursday, July 28 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

The Division is under pressure to solve a murder case involving a police informant when Gail’s mother, Superintendent Elaine Peck (guest star Lauren Holly), arrives on the scene to assist. Stressed out by her mother’s presence, Gail protects the only known witness to the crime, an eight year-old boy with a secret of his own. Meanwhile, Det. Rosati reveals news that could put Andy’s relationship with Luke in jeopardy.

Thursday, July 28 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV

Get ready for GTL on MTV in JUL! As the cast of JERSEY SHORE embark on their newest set of shenanigans in the historic country of Italy, they visit MTV for a pre-trip special before they go oversees.

9 p.m. ET/PT – Thursday, July 28 on Space

Refusing to let anything spoil their romantic weekend break, a young couple confronts a gang of loutish youths with terrifyingly brutal consequences.