Join in the ultimate real estate debate with Urban Suburban on HGTV Canada

If you have ever purchased a home in Canada or have thought of purchasing one, you have faced the all-too familiar dilemma – urban or suburban?

Beginning Wednesday, August 31 at 10pm ET/PT, brand new Canadian original series Urban Suburban will showcase Canadian families stuck making that very decision.

Brother and sister real estate experts Philip DuMoulin and Sarah Daniels face off in each episode as they guide families through urban and suburban houses – competing to find each family their perfect location, price, and home.

Philip takes on the urban landscape, proving to potential homeowners that urban living doesn’t necessarily mean tiny square footage and prices as high as the skyscrapers. Sarah takes families through suburbia, showing that not all of these homes are cookie-cutter replicas and personalities exist beyond the stereotypical soccer mom. Each family will ultimately make their own decision, based on the location that suits them best.

“Urban Suburban is HGTV’s first show to confront the dilemma home buyers face when choosing urban or suburban” says Barb Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “Philip and Sarah maintain an excellent tug of war between the choices, all the while providing viewers  with useful tips and information on how to make their way through this difficult decision.”

“We’re delighted to be working with HGTV on this series to address an often overlooked, but an important fundamental real estate buying decision,” says John Ritchie, Executive Producer & Partner at Force Four Entertainment Inc. “From Vancouver to Halifax, homebuyers are confronted with this same decision at various stages in their lives, and we’re hoping the series will provide insight for viewers in an entertaining, yet informative way.”

Filmed in major cities across Canada, Urban Suburban truly represents a national dilemma. Potential homeowners in Vancouver, Halifax, Winnipeg and Toronto all face the same problem, although each city has their own characteristics to take into consideration. In the end a choice must be made, and after visiting six houses with Philip and Sarah, each family must choose just one to make their home – but will it be urban or suburban?

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