Much unveils new MMVA Trophy

All-new shape, all-new MMVA. With the hottest street party just over a week away, MuchMusic reveals a new design for the MuchMusic Video Award.

The new trophy coincides with the clean and structured look of the new Much logo, weighing 10 lbs and made out of aluminum alloy.

The re-imagination of the award is the fourth incarnation of the trophy in the history of the MMVAs. The newly designed hardware will be handed out live from Much HQ on Sunday, June 19, airing at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic in Canada, and on Fuse in the U.S.

“Over the last year, MuchMusic was rebranded,” said Peter Moller, Creative Director, Design . “Along with a fresh, optimistic, clean and structured look and feel came a new brand logo, which was implemented everywhere. MuchMusic’s biggest event of the year, the MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS, wasn’t spared. The heavy-weight trophy was meant to materialize the impact, significance, weight and profoundness of receiving a prize. Therefore picking up one of the statues always leaves a surprise and clearly elevates the moment.” 

“The simple yet stylish shape is timeless and is meant to be on a shelf of a proud MMVA winner for many years without becoming dated. The reduced, right-angled shape reflects MuchMusic’s brand values and aesthetics. It also allows for bigger ownership for the winners, as their names are printed directly on the trophy rather then on a plaque attached to the statue.”

The award was designed by the CTV Creative Agency and produced by Society Awards.

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