Megaworld begins July 26 on Discovery World HD

From blisteringly fast super cars to the planet’s largest indoor pool, discover cutting-edge innovations in science and technology from around the world with MEGAWORLD 2011.

Narrated by Canadian film and television icon Paul Gross (DUE SOUTH, Passchendaele), MEGAWORLD 2011 features six incredible new episodes focusing on the latest, greatest and biggest innovations from South Korea to the American South!

Premiering Tuesday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Discovery World HD, the season opener goes down to Texas to battle gas fires with the world’s top firefighters before taking a dip with astronauts in the world’s largest indoor pool.

Highlights from MEGAWORLD 2011 include:


MEGAWORLD 2011: “Texas”

Tuesday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT

If everything is bigger in Texas, then this massive American state is a perfect fit for the season premiere of MEGAWORLD 2011. The journey begins in the world’s largest indoor pool at the Johnson Space Center, where rookie and veteran astronauts brush up on their zero gravity skills. We spin our tires at Goodyear’s huge tire test facility, learn how to put out chemical fires at the largest fire training centre in North America, and find out what goes into maintaining the Air Force’s huge Boeing C-17 transport planes. Last but not least, a father and son specialize in moving house and home….literally. If you don’t like your neighbourhood, the pair will pick up your house and move it across the street… or across the state for that matter.


MEGAWORLD 2011: “Denmark”

Tuesday, August 2 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT

Hit the Danish high seas as a couple of amateur astronauts attempt to launch a rocket into orbit. It’s an ambitious project as the rocket launch pad bobs up and down in the sea in anticipation of blast off. If the rocket isn’t perfectly vertical on lift-off, it could be a disaster.

It’s not rocket science, but the technology that goes into a completely automated parking lot in Copenhagen is very impressive. Next, MEGAWORLD 2011 meets the makers of the latest supercar on the market, the Zenvo. Also see how they maintain the country’s longest bridge, then get a behind-the-scenes look one of Denmark’s most popular exports – Lego!


Also this season on MEGAWORLD 2011, visit LG Electronics, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat panel television screens and then see just how crazy they are for golf in “South Korea” (August 9); if you think ski jumping looks scary, just wait until you get a look at sky flying as the series goes to “Norway” for the finishing touches on the world’s largest ski flying jump (August 16); check in on the construction of the world’s highest suspension bridge and visit a mine with scalding water and scorching temperatures in “Mexico” (August 23); And finally, visit the oldest shipyard in South America where they can repair up to five ships at a time thanks to a huge ship elevator called the Syncrolift, and we’ll see how robotics keep other industries moving in “Argentina” (August 30).


MEGAWORLD is produced by Exploration Production Inc. (EPI) in association with Discovery Channel Canada.

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