The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business season finale on CTV, May 8

The special adrenaline-pumping two-hour season finale of THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS is this Sunday, May 8 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.

One of the top-rated reality series in Canada, THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS averages an audience of 2.6 million viewers each week.

THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS features teams from previous seasons vying for a second chance at the top prize, $1 million dollars. In “This Is Where It Ends (Brazil and Florida),”  the final four teams mix it up in Brazil where Racers cry out in pain during a hairy situation as this season comes down to a race to the finish.


The remaining teams include (in no particular order):


GARY and MALLORY (Father/Daughter)

•           Second father/daughter duo to reach the finals, could be the first to win

•           Won one million rupees in India during the sixth leg

•           Avoided elimination during leg eight due to a non-elimination round


FLIGHT TIME and BIG EASY (Harlem Globetrotters)

•           Double u-turned by Jaime & Cara yet still checked in ahead of them

•           Accused the Goths of cheating during the recent chocolate challenge in Switzerland

•           Survived elimination during leg nine after they u-turned the Cowboys


KISHA and JEN (Sisters)

•           Famous for losing Season 14 after stopping to take a bathroom break

•           In India, they didn’t realize that the Snapple bottle which was given to them contained their next clue

•           They have not come in first on any legs of the race so far


ZEV and JUSTIN (Best Friends)

•           Won the most legs so far – four

•           Won two cars at the pit stop in Austria

•           Would have been eliminated in Switzerland had Kent and Vyxsin not received a penalty


With THE AMAZING RACE confirmed for Cycle 19, the renewal marks the 10th anniversary for the show, which premiered in September 2001.

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