Khloe & Lamar - Season Finale

10 p.m. Monday, May 30 on E!

Kris’s constant advice on how to get pregnant and nagging for another grandchild gets the best of Khloe. She decides to visit her doctor to make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of her carrying a child. Although Khloe makes the appointment to give herself some peace of mind, her doctor’s findings during the exam put her more on edge than ever. Not wanting to upset Lamar, Khloe keeps the news to herself. Meanwhile, Khloe’s little brother Rob receives a call from his latest hook-up, and finds out that he may be a father. Kris and Malika are especially upset, afraid that Rob is too irresponsible to understand what being a father really means. However, Rob is determined to keep his outlook positive, no matter what friends and family say.

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