Global takes Tuesday night

There’s no doubt that Global experienced a huge night last night, anchored by a massive audience of 2.2 million viewers (Ind.2+) for the season finale of NCIS:LA.

Prior to that at 8pm, the lead up to next week’s season finale of Glee also won its time slot nationally, beating the closest competition by 88% (Ind.2+).

At 10pm the addictive and engaging drama The Good Wife wrapped up its sophomore season with 1.3 million viewers (Ind.2+).  

Even more impressive, The Good Wife silenced The Voice on CTV in Toronto with 17% more viewers and in Vancouver with 31% more viewers (18-49).

Additional Data Highlights: (all data 18-49)

– NCIS:LA won its time slot in all three metered markets

– The season finale of NCIS:LA outperformed CTV’s Dancing With The Stars by 32% nationally


Viewers who missed last night’s episode of Glee, and the season finales of NCIS:LA and The Good Wife can catch up online at

BBM Canada PPM Data – May 25, 2010 to May 17, 2011 based on confirmed and overnight data.

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