May 2011

Cougar Town may well be on track to getting a new name after all with showrunner Bill Lawrence hinting that a change may appeal to younger viewers.

Actress Busy Phillipps, who plays Laurie, also raised the issue again on Twitter by asking fans to submit their thought for a new name.

She tweeted: “Ok. Guys. New title suggestions for Cougar Town? I think [Lawrence] is really seriously gonna do it this time.”

Philipps also posted to Lawrence’s page: “Honestly, I think if you change it, it should be totally different. Not even reminiscent of Cougar Town. Go for it! Seriously.”

Throughout the show’s second season subtitles have appeared above the Cougar Town logo during the show’s intro poking fun at its name.

Source: Digital Spy

11:15 p.m. ET – Monday, May 30 on Space

Join the INNERSPACE crew for a special broadcast, taking an in-depth look at the second season of the SPACE Original Series, THE LISTENER. Includes interviews with the series’ cast and crew.

10:30 p.m. Monday, May 30 on E!

The group has been asked to perform at a benefit for The Trevor Project, a charity organization that is dedicated to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources. This particular gig holds a special place in Kherington’s heart as she tearfully confesses that she lost her cousin to suicide the year before. As viewers can attest, Laurieann is always pushing Kherington to the brink because she believes in her potential, and she uses this opportunity to encourage Kherington to connect with her emotions like never before and give the performance of her lifetime in honour of her cousin.

10:30 p.m. THE DANCE SCENE Monday, May 30 on E!

In the finale, Laurieann choreographs a powerful dance for a charity event causing Kherington to relive painful memories. Then, Sarah and Paul come to a decision about their relationship.

Monday, May 30 at 10:30p.m. ET on MuchMusic

The adventures of a “well-endowed” high school student can be awkward, amusing, and down right dirty! As the season of THE HARD TIMES OF RJ BERGER comes to an end, RJ continues to win Lily’s love and all the women in town strive to win RJ!

10 p.m. Monday, May 30 on E!

Kris’s constant advice on how to get pregnant and nagging for another grandchild gets the best of Khloe. She decides to visit her doctor to make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of her carrying a child. Although Khloe makes the appointment to give herself some peace of mind, her doctor’s findings during the exam put her more on edge than ever. Not wanting to upset Lamar, Khloe keeps the news to herself. Meanwhile, Khloe’s little brother Rob receives a call from his latest hook-up, and finds out that he may be a father. Kris and Malika are especially upset, afraid that Rob is too irresponsible to understand what being a father really means. However, Rob is determined to keep his outlook positive, no matter what friends and family say.

Monday, May 30 at 10pm ET/PT (9CT, 8MT) **Series Premiere** on Citytv

Trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell takes on proverbial over-achiever Rachel, who has been able to accomplish nearly everything she has set out to do so far in her young life — except the one goal that eludes her, to lose weight. At only 21 years old, Rachel weighs nearly 400 pounds. During her first week with Chris in “boot camp” at California Health & Longevity Institute, Rachel goes through extensive medical testing, nutrition classes and intense workouts. Chris then takes her back home to Georgia, where he lays out the goals for each of her four, three-month phases of weight loss. With Chris by her side, Rachel pushes hard hoping to reach her first goal of shedding 80 pounds in three months.

10 p.m. Monday, May 30 on E!

Synopsis currently unavailable.

10 p.m. ET/PT – Monday, May 30 on Space

The net closes in on Mitchell (Aidan Turner) when Detective Nancy Reid (Erin Richards) questions him about his involvement in the Box Tunnel Massacre.

Beware Twilight, a new pack of wolves are in town. MuchMusic takes viewers to the next level with the much-hyped series premiere of 

TEEN WOLF, premiering Monday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET. The new series arrives just in time for the launch of MuchHD on June 1, MuchMusic’s brand new HD channel. Every nail-biting, hair-raising, and spine-tingling moment of TEEN WOLF can now be caught on stunning HD and Dolby 5.1 audio.

See TEEN WOLF’s very hairy promo here. Download photography from TEEN WOLF on 

TEEN WOLF is a re-imagining of the ‘80s cult classic film of the same name. The series stars Tyler Posey (BROTHERS AND SISTERS) as Scott McCall, a young outsider who wanders into the woods one night in search of a dead body and encounters a razor-toothed beast. Fighting for his life and escaping with a deep bite on his side, Scott’s wound changes his life forever. 

TEEN WOLF also features supporting cast members Dylan O’Brien as Scott’s best friend, Stiles; Crystal Reed as the mysterious new girl in town, Allison; and Tyler Hoechlin (Road to Perdition) as the dangerous and older werewolf Derek.

MuchHD is Bell Media’s newest HD addition, launching Wednesday, June 1 on Bell Fibe TV Channel 1570 and on Bell Satellite TV 1670. The MuchMusic and MuchHD lineup are identical, giving viewers just one more opportunity to see the hottest Much shows in superior HD quality and just in time for the biggest event of the year – the 2011 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS on June 19. For more information about MuchHD, viewers should contact their television service provider. MuchMusic is also offering a summer long free preview (June 1 – August 31) on Bell Satellite TV and Bell Fibe TV.