True Hollywood Story: Charlie Sheen

10 p.m. Wednesday, April 6 on E!

Charlie Sheen’s recent explosion throughout the media secures him as today’s Teflon actor – he has been fired from his hit TV show, his publicist has quit and he’s still dealing with a domestic abuse charge in addition to all the over the top accusations. And now he is raving about these exploits to anyone that will listen – yet Hollywood and the public continue to love him. In the late 80s, Sheen seemed to be on the cusp of major movie stardom after leading roles in Wall Street and Major League. Then, his appetite got the best of him and Sheen was headed for the tabloid trashcan – until he turned to TV. First, he took over for Michael J. Fox on SPIN CITY followed by TWO AND A HALF MEN which became a smash TV hit and cemented his career resurrection. TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY digs into the amazing roller-coaster life of Charlie Sheen.

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