Jennifer Lopez ditched The X Factor for American Idol role

Jennifer Lopez has told reporters that she turned down an offer to appear as a judge on The X Factor in favour of and American Idol spot.

The new Idol judge said she discussed an X Factor role but ultimately decided that Idol was a “better fit” for her.

“We did talk about The X Factor for a little bit,” Lopez said. “But at the end of the day, thinking about my career and everything that was going on, when the opportunity to do Idol came along it seemed a better fit.

“Idol has been a show for so many years. It’s an institution. To be involved in something like that felt really great.”

Lopez said she is unsure about how long she will stay on Idol.

“I don’t know if I will do another season. I’m taking it day by day at the moment and we’ll see what happens,” she said. “I’ve been having a great time, I can’t lie. I’m really enjoying it and having fun and enjoying working with the contestants. You can’t help but learn from them.

“You’re talking about performing and singing and when you’re watching them you see them and think, ‘I do that’. It’s been a great exchange back and forth.”

Source: Digital Spy

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