Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns with River Monsters on Discovery Channel

Detained as a suspected spy and threatened at gunpoint? Narrowly escaped drowning? Survived a plane crash in the Amazon? AND back for more?

Expert angler Jeremy Wade returns for more danger, mystery and freshwater sleuthing in captivating third season of RIVER MONSTERS, premiering Tuesday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel. With seven all-new episodes, this season proves to be the most exotic and bizarre yet.

A weekly murder mystery, RIVER MONSTERS follows biologist and extreme angler Wade’s worldwide search for harrowing tales of man-eating fish and examines these freshwater mysteries as he sets out to prove them as tall tales or frightening fact. Wade’s RIVER MONSTERS quests have him diving in with and reeling in fascinating and mysterious creatures – all alleged killers with human victims…

“This season, I get into even more unfamiliar territory,” notes Wade. “The destinations are diverse, the stories strange, and the fish every bit as fearsome but in unexpected ways. I encountered fish with invisible powers, others that live to a century, the largest true freshwater fish so far and the longest struggle I’ve had with a live fish to date.”


This season’s highlights include:


RIVER MONSTERS:  “The Mutilator”

Tues., May 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Jeremy Wade travels to Papua, New Guinea, to investigate a spate of bizarre deaths on the Sepik River. One of the world’s last great unexplored rivers, the Sepik cuts through the heart of an island renowned for cannibalism, macabre rituals, head hunters and bitter tribal conflict. But now a new threat is ripping through this region:  A creature is tearing chunks from unsuspecting fishermen and devouring specific male anatomy. Known locally as “the Ball Cutter,” this lone hunter with vice-like jaws has claimed the lives of two fishermen.


RIVER MONSTERS:  “Flesh Ripper”

Tues., May 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

Angler Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a mysterious – and carnivorous – monster described over 200 years ago by a famous explorer. Is the 2.5-metre beast in question a mere legend, or could it be the same flesh-and-blood creature that has attacked divers, seized a child, and devoured sheep alive? New Zealand’s freshwaters have been a safe place for swimmers, yet as Wade finds out, its remote rivers and deep lakes provide refuge for an ancient and elusive predator – until Wade lures it out of hiding.


RIVER MONSTERS:  “Chainsaw Predator”

Tues., June 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Angler Jeremy Wade heads to a remote river in the Australian Outback to try and catch the rare but fearsome Freshwater Sawfish. This shadowy predator is reputed to reach 5.5 metres long and attacks boats – but why is this bizarre-looking sea monster swimming hundreds of kilometres inland? In a quest that began 20 years ago in the Amazon and ends on the banks of a shark-infested river, Wade roams into an ancient and beguiling landscape where he encounters indigenous communities, scientists and a real-life “Crocodile Dundee” before finally confronting the disturbing truth.


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