Friday, March 18 at 8pm ET/PT (7CT, 9MT) ***SERIES FINALE*** on Citytv

“Evans Family”

On the 117th episode and series finale of Supernanny, Jo Frost travels to Houston, Texas to work with a family whose mom died of breast cancer a year earlier. Jo lost own her mother to breast cancer when she was growing up. Dad, Gary is trying his best to raise Michael, 6 and younger sons Sean, 4 and Dylan, 3, on his own, but he’s overwhelmed and can’t bring himself to enforce the rules his wife established for the boys. The boys act out, there’s lots of sibling fighting and their screaming can be deafening at times. When Sean acts up over not getting candy and Jo puts him into his first time out in ages, an epic standoff takes place. Find out if Jo can help her last family find peace.

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