Simon Cowell says American Idol is better without him

Simon Cowell has admitted that he believes American Idol has improved since he departed the show last year.

Cowell spoke to Piers Morgan on his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, saying he feels the current line-up of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler is working well.

“I personally think it is a better show than last year. I genuinely mean that. I think what they have got is that they have their energy back, they are confident, they are competitive,” he said.

“I said to everyone on my show [The X Factor], ‘If you think Idol is going to be the same as last year, think again’. They are working ten times as hard… as I would. And I think it’s a good show. I can’t really fault it. 

“It’s not the show I would make myself, that’s why I moved from the show in the first place. I want to make something different. But for Idol, based on last year, I think it’s better.”

Source: Digital Spy

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