My RONA Home, Season 2 Premieres Sunday, April 10 on Citytv

Watch as two families battle it out, from frame to finish, to design and build the best house on the block when season two of the Citytv original series My RONA Home premieres Sunday, April 10 at 9pm ET/PT (8pmCT/10pmMT).

Hosted by Elissa Lansdell season two of My RONA Home follows two families – Robyn and Jordan Ausmus (Blue Team) and Raegan and Jesse Maley (Yellow Team) – in a competition to see who can best design, construct and decorate a brand new home.

In an intense race against time, each family is matched up with two experts consisting of a contractor and an interior designer. Together they will work room-by-room, with a deadline of 30 hours to radically transform empty spaces, ultimately turning the shell of a house into a home.

With each grueling challenge, the competition intensifies and becomes more emotional as these families struggle to out-build, out-design and out-decorate one another, working and living side by side.

In the premiere episode (“Blood, Sweat and Tears”) viewers will be introduced to both families. Robyn and Jordan Ausmus and their two small children recently returned to Calgary from California where Jordan studied to be a chiropractor. Heavy student debt has forced them into living with Jordan’s grandmother, where their privacy consists of two small bedrooms and a cave they’ve carved out in the chilly basement. Raegan and Jesse Maley moved to Calgary from a small town in Ontario in search of opportunity. Jesse found a good job as an apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer, but house prices remain out of reach. With four kids, Raegan is finding it difficult to have a kitchen that can only hold one person at a time and an apartment-sized fridge. This week, the teams are given their first challenge and have twenty hours to drywall the main floor of their house. Find out if they will succeed and which team will do it better. 

Ultimately Canadian viewers will have the final say on which couple will win their dream home.  Following each episode, viewers have the opportunity to vote online at or by phone at1-900-630-7662, for the team they think did the best overall job that week. The team with the most votes at the end of the 10-week season will have their lives transformed as they win their dream home – plus the entire contents of furniture, appliances and electronics inside! The other family will be given the opportunity to buy their home…and a spectacular consolation prize will be waiting for them, too!

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