It's Ralph's game now, remember

Ever since we saw the master play by Ralph in sending Russell to Redemption Island, it’s all gone pear shaped for his alliance at Zapatera. While his girls Stephanie and Krista tried to reinforce the need for strength in the game up until the merge, Ralph has been adamant that those against him had to go.

However, at Tribal Council after 3 losses, Jeff asked David to complete the phrase “Excuses are for…” to which he replied “Losers”. Ralph then responded with a pathetic “I’m a loser then”.  

When the tribe got into it and started talking about how Omatepe seem to be quite unified, Jeff wanted to know if it was important to Ralph for the group to be cohesive.  As clueless as it’s becoming more and more obvious that he is, Ralph said he didn’t know what cohesive meant.

Jeff then explained it in a way he might understand. He asked if he had a group of guys working for him, would he prefer they got a long or were strong.  Ralph said he’d prefer strength because if they got along then they’d be yaking the whole time, something that would affect his payroll.

Steve added some valuable insight, saying that he thought football coaches would disagree.  Getting along is hugely important in team competitions.  Unfortunately for Ralph, he’s completely ignored the upcoming merge and when it happens, it will most likely come as a huge surprise to him that he’s going to get his ass handed to him.

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