eTalk’s Ben Mulroney's exclusive interview with Celine Dion airing Monday to Thursday on CTV

Following the opening night of her new Las Vegas show, megastar Celine Dion sits down with ETALK anchor Ben Mulroney for a Canadian English television exclusive.

During the intimate interview, Dion discusses everything from her new show to son René-Charles’ request to have Eminem perform at his little league game.

ETALK has every angle covered during the four-part interview from Caesars Palace on Monday, March 21 to Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, and at 6 p.m. ET and 11:30 p.m. ET on E! (visit and to confirm local broadcast times).

ETALK also takes viewers on a tour with backstage manager Patrick Angelil, and gets a first-hand look at Dion’s wardrobe with stylist Annie Horth.

CTV also brings viewers the exclusive Canadian premiere of the music special CELINE DION: THROUGH THE EYES OF THE WORLD premiering Saturday, March 26 at 8 p.m. ET. The two-hour special chronicles the life of the Canadian superstar during her Taking Chances Tour. 

On son René-Charles:

Celine: “So my son is in a baseball league here.”

Ben: “Is he?”

Celine: “Yeah. He’s in a baseball league and he started today…and he said papa, do you think it’s possible for Eminem to come and sing national anthem. And René looked at him and he says, oh my god. You can tell this kid has travelled around the world. He says no, we can’t get Eminem to sing the national anthem.”


On going back to work four months after giving birth to her twins:

Celine: “When I was at the hospital with my twins, I could not imagine myself four and a half months later on stage, with a lot of gowns, in heels …No. That was like tomorrow. That’s not possible.”


On losing the baby weight:

Celine: “What about the weight thing? It’s not important. I’m not a model. I’m not there to wear a size 2 or 0 or 4. A girl can always find a dress, right? I’m going to find the dress that’s going to fit the body at that time.”


On the twins:

Celine: “Eddy, he looks at you. Eddy’s looking at you and doesn’t give you smiles right away, really takes in everything. Very emotional, very sensitive. And Nelson is like his dad. He gets a big smile … he’s a charmer. It’s amazing.”


On returning to Las Vegas:

Celine: “I didn’t think they were going to want me again that quick.”


On René Angélil saying her voice has improved while breast feeding:

Ben: René said in an interview that women who breastfeed have better voices. 

Celine: “Is he crazy?”

Ben: “That’s what he said. He said it has something to do with the hormones. Do you find your voice improved when you started to feed the boys?”

Celine: “I think. I don’t know. I’ve never heard such a thing. This guy’s in love big time!”


On her first English television appearance:

Celine: “I remember starting to sing in English … without understanding any words of what I was talking about.”


On her next album:

Celine: “I was supposed to record a new album while I was pregnant. Because it was twins … it will be postponed but maybe, within the next year, probably.”


On working with Celine:

Annie Horth, Celine’s stylist: “Celine expects a lot from everybody around her, but she works the hardest.” 

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