Destination Truth season 4 premieres Thursday, March 24 on OLN

Tune in as host Josh Gates and his team travel the world in search of clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal activity on season 4 of Destination Truth, premiering Thursday, March 24 at 8pm ET/PT on OLN.

Hosted by intrepid world adventurer Josh Gates and his team, each episode takes viewers on a trek across the globe to investigate stories of the unexplained. In season 4 Josh travels everywhere, from Canada to Russia and Italy, and from Morocco to Kenya, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines. The team investigates some of the world’s most dangerous creatures and paranormal activity including, a human eating feline, ghostly soldiers, a demon turtle, Siberian snowman, zombies and much more.

In the premiere episode, Josh and his team travel to Italy, where they investigate claims of ghosts in Pompeii, a Roman city which was engulfed by a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the first century AD. Then, the team heads to Kenya, where a creature called the Nandi bear, known to have an appetite for human brains is said to make its home.

Will Josh and his team locate or find evidence of these mysterious creatures and ghostly apparitions or will they remain myths and folk tales, passed on from generation to generation? Find out on the thrilling new season on OLN.

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