Body of Proof series premiere

Tuesday, March 29 at 10pm ET/ PT (9CT, 8MT)***Series Premiere*** on Citytv

A jogger is found floating in the Schuylkill River. Medical investigator, Dr. Megan Hunt (Delany) and her partner, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop, Home and Away) team up under the watchful eye of their boss, Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan, Boston Public). The investigation takes Megan out in the field where she meets old-school cop, Detective Bud Morris (John Carroll Lynch, Shutter Island), who is exasperated by Megan’s tenacity, while his partner, Detective Samantha Baker (Sonja Sohn, Brothers and Sisters), possesses a quiet respect for Megan’s input. Meanwhile, as she’s trying to solve the jogger’s death, Megan has to solve a personal puzzle of her own – finding the perfect present for her daughter’s 12th birthday.

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