Sombre return to filming for Less Than Kind cast

The cast of the Winnipeg-set comedy Less Than Kind have just wrapped up filming on the third season, the first season without lead actor Maury Chaykin.

The 61-year-old passed away in July last year and his death was still affecting the cast when they came together to begin shooting last November.

Tyler Johnston, who plays Danny Lubbe, said: The first couple of days on the set were a little strange. Something was missing. It felt a little bit off.”

“Mark [McKinny – producer] stood up and he said, ‘Sorry guys, can we all stand up and hold hands right now?’ And we just stood up and held hands and Mark said some very nice words about Maury and about the show and about how passionate he is about the show, and how happy we all were to be back here.

“It was just a really nice moment to have, just to re-establish our love for the show.”

Jesse Camacho, who plays the role of Sheldon Blecher, said: “We thought: OK we’ve got to raise the bar, Maury’s not here,” Camacho says. “We’ve all got to pull our own weight.

“I still think we would have done some of our best work. But we were a little down initially because we didn’t get to mourn together when Maury had passed.”

Less Than Kind is expected to return to HBO Canada in the fall.

Source: Winnipegfreepress

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