Hollywood stuntman turns superhuman in Bionic Builders on Discovery Science, March 3

Blurring the line between man and machine, BIONIC BUILDERS is a captivating one-hour special showcasing Casey Pieretti (“the perfect guinea pig”) and Bill Spracher (“the mad scientist-inventor”) as they attempt to merge radical prosthetic design and the human body.

Premiering Thursday, March 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Science, this innovative special thrills as the BIONIC BUILDERS team tries to turn a former Navy diver into a human torpedo and give a one-handed martial arts instructor his very own bionic punching arm.

The future of prosthetics is here as Hollywood’s own Casey Pieretti (Eagle Eye, Spider-Man 2) puts his outrageous theories to the test on Discovery Science’s BIONIC BUILDERS.

At the age of 19, Pieretti lost the lower portion of his leg. Since then, Pieretti has been looking for ways to allow amputees to transition from being disabled to not only fully enabled, but more enabled than they had ever been… hence the program’s catchphrase “better than new, better than you.”

Don’t miss a minute of this new special which is really about overcoming the odds and defying adversity through technology. The BIONIC BUILDERS will test, build and design until “disability” is a word of the past.

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