January 2011

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has fired a few shots back in the direction of Kings of Leon after they rejected the advances of the hit show.

Midway through last year, the American band denied the producers of the show when they asked to use their tracks on the show.

Murphy, it seems, is still upset.

“F*ck you, Kings of Leon,” he told the Hollywood Reporter this week.

“They’re self-centered assh*les, and they missed the big picture.”

Murphy went on to say that Kings of Leon are rejecting the needs of children across America.

“They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It’s like, OK, hate on arts education,” he said.

However, the band’s frontman Caleb Followill has said that it was purely down to them not wanting to overexpose their work.

Source: News.com.au

Terms like “baby bump” and “yummy mummy” have become part of everyday language, signalling a new era of marketing around making babies.  

This week, Canada’s #1 documentary series explores a darker underbelly in the pursuit to give birth, uncovering a world in which modern science has run into a world of private deals, while changing the fate of childless couples facing infertility.

W5 examines controversial new reproductive options – everything from the trade in human eggs, embryos and sperm, to shady surrogacy arrangements, that desperate couples are turning to in their attempt to have a family.

W5’s Paula Todd presents “Baby Business” premiering Saturday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV. Also in this episode, W5 investigates the illegal trade of contraband cigarettes, a burgeoning underground industry that costs the Canadian government billions of dollars in lost revenue.

W5 repeats Sunday, Jan. 30 at 12 noon on CTV and at 1 p.m. ET on CP24, and Monday, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. ET on Investigation Discovery, and then on demand on the CTV News Video Player at CTV.ca (visit CTV.ca for local listings).

In Baby Business, W5 speaks to several Canadians who are navigating the booming industry of reproductive technology in their quest to conceive. W5 speaks to “Secaly” – her online name – who has spent $27,000 seeking a “perfect” egg donor with perfect genetic traits so she can have the perfect child – a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl.

In 2004, Canada passed The Assisted Human Reproduction Act, which outlaws payment for human eggs, sperm and surrogacy services. With the threat of a hefty $500,000 fine, or a jail sentence of up to 10 years the law attempted to regulate the new field of reproductive medicine but has driven Canadians underground or to other countries.

W5 explores the case of one such couple, Rachel and Cory.  Six years ago Rachel was deemed unlikely to conceive. But she and her partner became “reproduction tourists,” traveling to the Czech Republic, where for $5,000, she had two anonymous Czech eggs implanted.

Fertilized by Cory, one of the eggs grew and nine months later their daughter, Violet, was born. For those who can’t afford to travel abroad, there is a thriving online marketplace where the basic ingredients of human life can be bought – for a price.

In its second story, W5 investigates the illegal trade of contraband cigarettes. Every year hundreds of millions of cigarettes are smuggled from native reserves – where they are sold legally to Aboriginals – and onto the streets of Canadian cities.

This trade in non-taxed smokes costs governments billions of dollars in lost revenue. Illegal cigarettes are sold through convenience stores and as W5 discovered, when the program’s producers went “undercover shopping” using hidden cameras, from the back of pickup trucks and vans.

The investigation follows police as they try to “Smoke Out” the smugglers and seize their contraband. Reporter Victor Malarek also goes to native reserves where many of these cigarettes are made before being smuggled across Canada.

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Monday, Jan. 31

WHITNEY PORT:  Reality TV star, clothing designer, model and now author, known for her roles on MTV’s reality series THE HILLS and spinoff THE CITY, Whitney Port, stops by to discuss her love of fashion with tips from her new book True Whit: Designing A Life Of Style, Beauty, And Fun.

MICHELLE MAWBY: Resident interior design expert Michelle Mawby discusses Bedding 101 to help you ditch plain old white sheets.

CHARLES THE BUTLER: With all the news surrounding bed bug infestation, Marilyn’s favourite butler, Charles MacPherson, is back to talk bed hygiene, linen care and how to turn down a bed – butler style.


Tuesday, Feb. 1

Men of FLASHPOINT: The guys behind the SRU (Strategic Response Unit) on CTV’s international hit TV series, FLASHPOINT, invade THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW. Enrico Colantoni (“Sgt. Gregory Parker”), Hugh Dillon (“Ed Lane”), David Paetkau (“Sam Braddock”), Michael Cram (“Kevin ‘Wordy’ Wordsworth”), and Sergio Di Zio (“Mike ‘Spike’ Scarlatti”) drop by to give viewers a glimpse into the life of TV’s top cop unit and the series’ gripping cliff-hanger third season finale, airing immediately following SUPER BOWL XLV.

MIKE HOLMES: Canada’s most-trusted contractor Mike Holmes, known for his TV series HOLMES ON HOMES and HOLMES INSPECTION stops by to talk home reno tips for the wintertime and tools to help “Make It Right.”

JAMIE GOLOMBEK: CIBC Financial expert Jamie Golombek stops by with tips and tools on how to teach your kids about money matters – from the ideal age to start a bank account to whether an allowance should be tied directly to chores and more.

MEGHAN BARON: Open Call candidate and food stylist/recipe developer Meghan Baron shows viewers how to make homemade, nutritious, sugar-free energy bars for kids.  


Wednesday, Feb. 2

KEN PAVES: Dubbed by the media as the “hottest hairdresser in Hollywood,” Ken Paves whose created award-winning styles for Jennifer Lopez, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Celine Dion, and Fergie, discusses common issues women have with their  hair and quick fixes before working his magic on three lucky viewers as we dedicate today’s show to makeovers.  

AFIYA FRANCISCO: Resident fashion stylist and expert Afiya Francisco discusses common issues women have with their wardrobe and beauty regime, before revealing helpful tips to diminish these fashion faux-pas.

Thursday, Feb. 3

VANILLA ICE: Rapper turned home improvement TV personality Vanilla Ice (Robert Matthew Van Winkle) stops by to chat about his life as a rapper and latest DIY series THE VANILLA ICE PROJECT.

JANIE BRYANT: Emmy® Award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant, whose most notable work has been featured in the hit television series MAD MEN and DEADWOOD, stops by THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW to discuss her career and personal style guide as she walks viewers through vintage inspired styles infiltrating modern closets.

DR. KYMM FELDMAN & DR. JOHN DEMPSTER: Resident family health expert Dr. Kymm Feldman and Dr. John Dempster provide tips for a healthy brain at any age.


Friday, Feb. 4

TRACEY BREGMAN: Best known for her roles on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Daytime Emmy® Award-winning actress Tracey Bregman stops by to chat with Marilyn about her career as a soap star; before she samples pieces from her jewelry line, POMP.

CABRAL RICHARDS, TRACI MELCHOR & MICHAEL LANDSBERG: Special correspondent Cabral Richards, ETALK reporter Traci Melchor and TSN’s Michael Landsberg join Marilyn for a pre-game chat on all things SUPER BOWL XLV.


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Shaw Media and Insight Production Company Ltd. announced today that GE Monogram and Loblaws have signed on as official sponsors of Top Chef Canada. The first season of Top Chef Canada will premiere April 11, 2011 exclusively on Food Network Canada.

Top Chef first launched in Canada in 2006 and has become a landmark program on Food Network’s schedule, consistently ranking in Food Network’s top 10 programs. As a proven audience favourite, Shaw Media and Insight Productions are excited to introduce the popular format in Canada.  The partnerships developed with Monogram and Loblaws are ideal unions resulting in integrations that will enable both sponsors to reach a wide and relevant consumer base throughout the run of series.

The sponsorship agreements with Monogram and Loblaws are integrated deals that will provide extensive brand exposure in-show, on-air, in-store and online. As the official appliance supplier of Top Chef Canada, Monogram will supply over $200,000 worth of top-of-the-line Monogram kitchen appliances to fully outfit the Top Chef Canada kitchen. Monogram will also enhance the Top Chef Canada grand prize by providing the winner a custom kitchen valued at $30,000. Monogram will have significant exposure in all 13 episodes of the series as well as on-air through tagged promos, billboards and bumpers on Food Network Canada and in- store via promotional videos in authorized Monogram retail locations.

Loblaws’, The home of President’s Choice™, sponsorship as official grocer of Top Chef Canada is an exciting and fitting one. Depending on the Top Chef Canada challenge, Loblaws will open its doors for competitors to shop for all their grocery needs throughout the run of series. Through this unique sponsorship Loblaws will gain exposure in-show as competitors take to the store for groceries to fit the series challenges.  The partnership extends on-air with tagged promos, billboards and bumpers on Food Network Canada as well as online as a presenting sponsor on Top Chef Canada pages of the foodnetwork.ca site.

“Our partnerships with official sponsors, Monogram and Loblaws, have resulted in invaluable contributions for Top Chef Canada,” says Errol Da-Re, Senior Vice President of Sales for Shaw Media. “These partnerships will generate unprecedented product integration opportunities enabling both sponsors to reach consumers in a variety of mediums including in-show, on-air, in store and online.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be the official appliance supplier of Top Chef Canada,” says Philippe Meyersohn, GM of Marketing for GE Monogram Canada.  “It certainly will be exciting to see these talented chefs produce amazing and memorable dishes using our complete line of professional appliances.  We see this partnership as a perfect fit.  There is so much drama in Top Chef and we believe that nothing fuels drama and success in the home kitchen like a Monogram Professional Appliance!”  

“As Canada’s leading grocery retailer we’re very excited to be partnering with Top Chef Canada,” says Allan Lindsay, Vice President Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. “This highly successful program is a natural fit for Loblaws stores which will offer the competitors an incredible selection and quality products, including our range of President’s Choice® products – which are exclusively available in our stores.”

Hosted by celebrated television personality, Thea Andrews and head judge, chef and restaurateur, Mark McEwan, Top Chef Canada will challenge 16 competitors’ culinary skills and uncover if they have what it takes to be a top chef. Top Chef Canada will have audiences tuning in to watch the drama unfold each week and see who will be crowned Canada’s Top Chef and take home the grand prize of $100,000 and a Monogram kitchen.

10:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 25 on E!

As Hank anxiously awaits news of whether he made the Philadelphia Eagles’ final roster or not, Kendra is determined to make Hank’s birthday the best he’s ever had.

10:00pm – Tuesday, January 25 on CTV

With Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) in jeopardy, Team One faces a double challenge: talking down a delusional man who’s being used as a weapon, and preventing a horrific act of terror against a mosque. Aaron Poole (ZOS: Zone of Separation), Patrick Sabongui (STARGATE: ATLANTIS) and John Gillespie (DOCTORS) guest star.

10:00pm – Tuesday, January 25 on /A

Also airs at 11 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic and 9 p.m. MT on ACCESS

When a young woman is abducted from an affluent Atlanta neighbourhood, the BAU team looks to area residents for answers to her disappearance.

10 p.m. Tuesday, January 25 on E!

After moving to Philadelphia for Hank’s football career, Kendra has a heated interview with a shock jock who tells her she’s become a boring mom. Determined to prove him wrong, Kendra sets out to show the world (and herself) that she’s still sexy.

9:00pm – Tuesday, January 25 on /A

Also airs at 10 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic and 10 p.m. MT on ACCESS

Marti (Aly Michalka) endures a tense ride to sectionals after admitting she hooked up with Dan (Matt Barr). Alice (Heather Hemmens) makes a drastic decision when her father (guest star Mario Van Peebles, DAMAGES) shows up unexpectedly to watch her fly.

Tuesday, January 25 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT) ***60 Minute Episode*** on Citytv

The contestants are faced with the “ultimate temptation” this week when each team enters a room filled with each player’s favourite foods. Whoever eats the most calories gets to choose which team will go train with the “unknowns” and the new trainers. Later, the trainers confront a contestant they think threw the last weigh-in. Then, one player takes matters into their own hands to try and send a contestant home