Merlin's season 3 premiere draws 410,000 viewers on Space

The magical third season premiere of MERLIN enchanted SPACE viewers Saturday night, pulling in a record audience of 410,000 viewers.

MERLIN was the #1 specialty program in the country from 8-9 p.m. ET, the #1 non-sports specialty program of the day and the #1 show of the week for SPACE.

The premiere – the first in a two-part story arc – earned 50% more viewers than the Season 2 average and 34% more than the previously most-watched episode of the show.

Attracting 719,000 unique viewers, the Season 3 premiere confirmed once more that SPACE is the destination for the most anticipated fantasy and sci-fi genre programming.

In last Saturday’s “The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Part 1)”, the adventures begin where Season 2 left off. It has been a year since Morgana went missing, but after a long search, she is finally found wandering in the woods. Morgana tries to put the past behind her and attempts to befriend Merlin.

In Part 2 airing this Saturday, Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. ET, exclusively on SPACE, Kilgharrah comes to Merlin’s rescue, while Morgana and Morgause step up their plan to take control of Camelot. With Uther still under a powerful enchantment, it’s up to Arthur to defend Camelot. But Cenred’s men are not the only threats; an army of the dead have been raised by Morgana and Morgause.

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