Getting an education!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study along side the cast of Degrassi?  Watching their lives and stories from within the school itself as opposed to on Television?  How realistic do you think it would be?  Would you be friends with anyone or would you just be one of the hundreds of extras that waltz around the hallways and corridors without ever connecting with the main cast?

Many people fantasize and dream about being inside a TV show, living out their real lives around the scripted stories and somehow managing to intertwine their lives with those we regularly tune in to watch.  

The reality for many is that their desire to be part of the show stems from a desire for doors to be opened up to bigger and better things.  Perhaps it is about wanting to build relationships with other students or wanting to be taught by a member of the faculty that you’ve built respect for.

While some may even seek out a meeting with the admissions team, others prefer to stay home and do distance learning while maintaining that connection to the college. What ever works, right?  For some it’s just easier to get a degree online.

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