Will Teddy Really Marry?

The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired certainly opened the door for some serious drama – namely, Teddy offering to marry a patient that was losing his health insurance and in turn his life. This could of course lead to a world of trouble both personally and professionally for this character if she goes through with it. So will she really?

Well, rumor has it that the actor Scott Foley will in fact be continuing to guest star on the show. Clearly that means he’s not disappearing, and that can only indicate that this plot will continue to grow. So will Teddy really marry her patient? What will happen from there/ My guess is that a real relationship will form from it. Maybe she’ll be lucky in love, maybe she’ll rediscover that their original agreement holds true and he was just using her for her insurance all along.  It will also be interesting to see what fallout happens within the hospital when she announces her master plan.

No matter which way you swing it, this little plot line is sure to bring a lot of drama!

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