Age: 28

Occupation: Nanny

Hometown: Burbank, IL


Do you consider yourself neat or messy or in between?

I’m a hot mess! Just kidding — I’m pretty organized but I do get out of hand sometimes.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!


Who is your favorite author?

Nicholas Sparks


Tattoo Count: One

Location: A shamrock (in a special location)


Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?

Yes, I wrote my future husband a love letter to be delivered on our wedding day when I was 20 and I still have it!


What is your longest relationship you have been in and why didn’t it work out?

Three years. He left me for another girl that looks and acts like me — what a creep!


What’s your biggest date fear?

My date has bad breath or bad body odor.

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